Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hippie Inspiration

In the past, the word "hippie" was sometimes used as an insult. That is still true today, but the hippies have evolved and found new ways to thrive in our modern world. And we can all learn something from them.
Are you a hippie?
I guess it depends on how you define "hippie". I usually think of hippies as very open-minded and accepting people. If everyone had these qualities, the world would be a better place.
Happy weekend!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Mixing Vintage With Modern

When we say vintage, it actually varies from decade to decade.I am actually in love with 70's blouses for a lady-like look and 80's sportswear tops for a relaxed vibe!
So in terms of what to wear with vintage, it doesn't have to be a 100% vintage look. You can mix and match with modern items and play with accessories. For example, I am wearing my vintage 70's shirt paired with casual and boyfriend'style cargo pants, feminine shoes and vintage clutch.
So to summarize, you've got so many different options of vintage. For daytime, go for something more sporty and relaxed, all the way through to a more lady-like evening wear  glitzy tops or lace dresses. Happy Friday beauties!!!

Patrizia Pepe Belt 
Dondup Pants
Vintage Clutch
Janet&Janet Shoes (old)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Floral Print Fashion

Every year around this time, floral prints start to emerge on the fashion scene. It seems as if when warmer weather begins to hit, the need to “lighten up” our style comes along with it. Most of us start highlighting our hair, wearing pastels, and embracing a more feminine aesthetic. Floral prints are a great incarnation of this feminine spring style, and lucky for us, they’re super trendy!
Whether you choose a floral print dress, leggings, or a pretty floral top, there are plenty of opportunities to add some flower power to your summer look.
Has floral print been a part of your spring wardrobe in the past? 
Will it make an appearance this season?


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

High-Waisted Pants

Does anyone know why woman started wearing high-waisted pants? 
Here's the story… During the World Wars men wore high-waisted pants and while they were gone we adopted the style to take over their jobs. As we are really smart,  we realize their comfort, we stuck with the style and adopted the female trousers in many shapes and forms.
Now they’re back and I am so happy because they pronounce the female waist, identify our curvy hips and accent the length of our legs.
Are you in love with this style?
Have a lovely day my dear readers!!!

H&M Pants 
DIY Belt 
Vintage Clutch 
Regina Clogs

Monday, July 25, 2011

Go Back In Time With Neon Clothing

Neon clothing is for better or worse coming back into style. This type of clothing which glows under black lights was very popular at nightclubs, raves, and discos during the 1980's. It has been said that clothing styles and fashions repeat themselves and the trend of neon fashion is coming back in a strong way.
What do you think about the neon clothes, shoes and accessories being fashion?


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Studded Boots

How to wear studded boots?
Studded boots can change your style depending on what you wear them with. Studs can make a perfect (surprising!) match with a feminine style. For example I mixed a long romantic skirt with my lovely pair of studded boots, basic top, stylish belt and vintage bag. This kind of look could steal men's hearts ;)!They might deny they don’t like such combinations, but they will definitely pay attention and hey that’s the point after all! 
Have a lovely weekend beauties!!!

Top And Skirt ChiccaStyle 
Vinatge Bag
Vintage Belt
Bellelli Biker Boots

Friday, July 22, 2011

Change The Mood

As soon as you accept the idea that you are in control of your thoughts you will be able to create your own happiness. 

Lucy MacDonald


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why Women Love Shoes

"Why do you need so many shoes?" my boyfriend asks me, as he shakes his head and stares at my closet in disbelief.
I start to answer him and I realize that it's one of those age old questions that men have been asking women for years.
The truth is women are in love with shoes. Why?
1. Variety - We women simply cannot wear the same shoe every day. We need change.
2. Style - We want to look good. No, we want to look hot. No, we want to look comfortable. I mean we need different styles for different looks.
3. A Good Deal - Women are born shoppers. It is a true talent and no true shopper can turn down a good deal on a pair of shoes.
4. Options - "Should I wear my 5 inch Jeffrey Campbell heels today, or my 2 inch Prada loafers?" It's a woman's fundamental right to be able to make a choice on her own footwear. In order to make those choices, women need many different shoes.
5. Friendship - If diamonds are a girl's best friend than shoes are a woman's best friend. So a women needs as many of these friends as she can get.
So there you have it ;)!

ChiccaStyle Top
H&M High Waisted Shorts
Louis Vuitton vintage Bag 
Jeffrey Campbell Shoes