Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Etsy Favourites

Hello beauties!!! Here some of my favourites items from Etsy . Aren't they lovely? As you can understand, I am totally in love with oversize sweaters, off the shoulders dresses and batwing sleeves. Which items do you like most for Fall/ Winter? 
Enjoy your day!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Fashion Inspiration

Sexy, classy, and classic are the features to look for when buying clothes for this fall and winter...
It's so nice to see the hat make such a huge comeback this year!

For fall and winter the waist has returned! Whether on a belted swing coat, a curvy dress or pencil skirt, the emphasis is on the waist. The fitted shift style dress provides a much-needed antidote to all the trapeze shapes of this past summer. The seriously girlie frock could be on it's way out?  The dress for fall is sexier and edgier -- but not skin tight -- so dresses will remain comfortable.
Have a lovely weekend beauties!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Candy-Like Fashion

Whimsical images that feature vibrant, flowered backgrounds and doll-like models. The subjects wear mostly pastel colors like pinks and peaches in their clothing and makeup. These images are simply sweet and showcase natural beauty. 
Have a lovely day beauties!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cozy Yet Chic!

There is nothing better than an oversized sweater to warm you up on cold winter days. 
I practically live in them all winter, because an oversized sweater is not only warm but also cozy and chic. Staying stylish is a piece of cake when you are wearing one, so it’s good to have a few different oversized sweaters in different colors and styles, to be able to create different looks and outfits. 
It’s a very versatile peace, because of its fit you can wear it as a top with jeans or leggings, or wear it as a dress with opaque tights. To dress it up and make it look more interesting wear a vest over it and a statement necklace.
Happy Monday beauties!!!

Intimissimi White Tank
Vintage Clutch
Silkò Shoes

Friday, October 7, 2011

Modern Mood

Mood is a very different word when compared to the term feeling. Foremost, mood is an emotional condition or state that lasts longer than feelings. It is described as an emotional state that is not that intense and not that specific. When you are asked about your mood, there are usually two ends to answering that one question. This means that you are either happy or sad so to speak. What's your mood like? 
Happy weekend!!!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Biker Leather Pants

I love leather clothing. I have leather jackets, pants, and skirts. I wear a leather jacket all the time. But in this period I am obsessed with my new biker leather pants.
A good pair of leather trousers is a great look on a woman.
I'm not talking Biker Chic, but wonderful Italian leather garments. Stylish women tend to be so much more fashion conscious, and dress just to go out for groceries. 
Do you like leather clothing?

DIY Belt
Biker Leather Pants
Vintage Clutch
Cafè Noir Shoes

Monday, October 3, 2011

Womens Sweaters

 Womens sweaters are comfortable, cozy fashion pieces that add texture to your outfits.
Basic turtlenecks sweaters, cardigans and v-neck sweaters (wrap sweaters are quite popular and flatter most shapes) are examples of seasonless pieces and are pretty much some of the most important fashion pieces in any woman's wardrobe. Cottons for summer, wools for winter and cashmere as an all-arounder.
Basic sweaters work as a blank canvas where you can lay your favorite accessories and create different looks with the same piece! They are also your quick-fixes when you want to balance out or tone down a too-flashy outfit or when you're on the go to work or school.
Happy Monday beauties!!!