Friday, December 3, 2010

Here I Am!

Hello my dear Friends!
Well…took a while, but finally got my blog up and running!
I've always thought that blogs are vain, but vanity is not so bad if you use it to be female and to express yourself and your qualities.
So I felt the need to create my own space to share with people like me: with a great passion for fashion, photography, travel, music and lifestyle!

I hope that this blog will be your own private moment of escape, to relax together, to see how the world works, and to feel that even though we are so far, we are not so different...

I will show you my passions, my interests, and all things that inspire me !

I love my life and couldn't have asked for anything more.


  1. Hi, Federica! Glad to see you here!!!! :)
    I'd love to share my pics in your beautiful cloths, right after I'll make it ;)
    See ya!

  2. hey federica!

    great idea to have a blog website:)
    would you ever consider making a sweater that was backless?