Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Eve Dresses

So the New Years parties and celebrations are on the horizon. What are you wearing? 
Really it depends on your plans as well as your own personal style. 
Of course, when choosing a dress, it is best to consider body type and shape, skin, hair, and eye colors. White is going to look best on darker skin, looser fitting dresses will be more forgiving of tummies and broader hips. Strapless dresses will tend to emphasize the bust and may not be the best choice for a lady that is heavier up top.
Are you wearing: something black, something sparkly, something bright, something sexy, something special/unique or why not your pajamas ;) ?
This is my outfit for tomorrow night, what do you think about it?

Have a Great New Year's  Party!!!


  1. love the sheer ankle socks with your heels! cool look!

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