Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to Build Your Perfect Wardrobe

    1.   Assess the clothing you currently own. Pull out all items that no longer fit properly or reflect your style & personality. I suggest donating the clothing or giving your friends a chance to see if anything may suit them.
    2.    Next, after all discarded clothing is removed,sort through all remaining clothing for items needing repair such a buttons & zippers replaced or minor alterations. Place all items to the side until you can have time to mend or take to your local dry cleaners. Now, take a moment & look at your wardrobe to make sure that your wardrobe isn't lacking the basics. Basics,like a classic white button down shirt,plain black,gray or white tees,properly fitted light & dark wash jeans.
Make a checklist of all the items needed to make your wardrobe complete in order of importance & what needs added first.Keep your checklist with you when shopping & check off the items as you purchase them.Once your list is complete you'll be well on your way to having the perfect wardrobe.
Tips & Warnings
Do regular wardrobe inventory every 60-90 days checking for items that no longer fit properly or are in need of repair.This will help maintain your wardrobe.
When storing use hangers that are the same to ensure easy access. Also,for heavier items use padded hangers so that you can avoid hanger bums.
Organize also is key to a perfect wardrobe. When hanging hang all like items to gather for example all short sleeves with short sleeve,all long sleeve with long sleeve & etc.
I suggest not packing away summer items in the fall/winter months. These items can make great layering pieces.


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