Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to Mix & Match Clothing

Some of the hallmarks of a good wardrobe are its versatility, variety and adaptability. All that is needed is some creativity, common sense and to plan your wardrobe in advance.
Why mix and match?
 •  Mixing and matching allows you to wear different and exciting looks even when
     you have a small or limited wardrobe.
  •  It allows you the most optimum use of your clothes and accessories.
  •   you can make even the ordinary clothes look exciting and thus stand out in a crowd.
  •  It lets you express your individuality and your style.
How to mix and match?
  •  First you need to build a solid foundation of a few basic colors and then add rest of the
     structure according to your taste.
  •  Do not buy duplicates of the same basic color. Navy blue, black and brown are
     good choices for a basic color.
  •  Find out what kind of colors best suit your skin tone i.e. warm colors or cool
  •  The top half of your body is always more noticed than the bottom half. So if you wear the same top with different bottoms you will
     end up looking the same, whereas same bottom with different tops will give
     you a different look every time.
 •   Wise use of accessories like jewelry, hand bags, shades, scarves, belts etc,different accessories
     with almost same dress end up giving you a completely different look.
  •  A little bit of tweaking with your hairstyle, shoes etc, also helps in changing the
A few examples of effective mixing and matching:
  •  A blue denim jean with a white shirt and black blazer creates the formal look, whereas
     the same jeans with a satin green camisole creates a great night out look.
  •  A little black dress with jacket is great as office wear. Now, take of the
     jacket, add a pair of dangling ear rings, some red lipstick and sexy stilettos and you are ready for the evening!
  •  A just above the knees skirt with a pair of flats might be a good idea for office.
     Now replace the flats with high heeled knee length leather boots, you will notice
     the transformation.
  •  A knee length dress layered over a white shirt and pair of black tights and booties
     gives you that chic look. Now, strip off everything except the dress , then
     add a long necklace, a pair of high heels and you are ready to bowl your date



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