Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brown like a sweet chocolate!

At first brown may seem less sophisticated & elegant than black. If you look on a color wheel, you won't even see brown, but recently I discovered the glory of brown color. 
I like accessorise chocolate brown with a cream color for good light/dark contrast whilst keeping the overall palette warm and rich, but It's easy to pair brown with most any color.
The saying has been that brown is the new black. Brown is a neutral color but it's still warm. 
Mix shades. Your work wardrobe is probably pretty neutral. You may even want things to match so if you aren't a morning person you can stumble out of bed & randomly grab things from the closet. To keep your wardrobe from being boring mix amber, butterscotch & chocolate brown.
Since brown is so popular add in textures so that your clothes don't look like everyone else's.
Experiment with layers! Pair some chocolate colored pants with a sky blue top and denim jacket. Mix and match to find the best combination for any occasions.

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