Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to match the colors in your outfits

Today I would like to express the concept of mix and match the colors of your outfits based on the “color wheel”. It’s something that artists use when they pick colors for their artwork, and I figured out, that the same rules of aesthetic harmony can be applied to mix and matching clothes.

Here the best combinations are:
- Colors next to each other - it will create a calm and harmonious effect, but can look a bit unadventurous.
- Colors that form a 90 degree angle – to find them pick your main color, and skip 2 arms of the wheel to left or right to find the matching one.
- Colors that are opposite each other – this one creates bold and hard look, so make sure the match is what you really desire.
- 3 colors that form a T
– pick two arms of the wheel that are opposite each other, and find the arm in the middle of the spectrum . In example yellow-green, red-violet and true blue. A good way of finding what color of accessories can be added to an outfit with two colors.
- Colors that form a X shape – so many colors into the mix.
Black, gray, brown and white are considered neutral colors.

In addition we all have different color types, and even best color matches won’t be flattering to everyone. So we have to consider our skin, hair and eye color.
What do you think? Are you into wearing colorful clothes and color mixes? 


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