Sunday, January 2, 2011

ChiccaStyle 10% off Giveaway!

My Dear Beautiful Customers, this post is dedicated to you!!! 
This special giveaway is for a bonus card that allow you to win a 10% discount to apply to one of the item you purchase from my Etsy Shop.
How to win?
1 Follow this blog;
2 Email me one photo of you wearing one (or more) of the item you have bought from my shop;
3 Leave a comment under this post;
Then I will display your images and the name of the winner on January 18th , under a post called "How I Wear ChiccaStyle's Clothes". It doesn't matter if you are wearing a summer or winter clothes.
The contest will last for 10 days. It will start on January 3rd and it will be over on January 13th at midnight.
This gift bonus card is valid until January 31st 2011, and it will be applied only on one single item you purchase from my Etsy Shop.
Thank you for your time and good luck beauties!

1 comment:

  1. Love the cardigan I bought from your shop. I've sent the picture, I hope it's in line with your Chicca Style :-))