Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The long printed 70's skirt

As promised,  here is my new outfit created by "stealing" things of the closet of my family.
This beautiful long silk 70's printed skirt, was in my mom's wardrobe, so I cut and sewn it to be worn as a long dress. I paired it with a black oversized t-shirt, found in the drawer of my boyfriend, and  with my legendary leather jacket, "a must have item" of this spring 2011.
Of course, the clutch is not mine, but even this one is 70's original and owned by my mom.
My biker boots complete the look that is a mixture of elegance, fashion and extravagance.
What do you think? Do you need suggestions for creating an outfit with clothes not yours ;) ?


  1. fashion really never goes out of style. gotta love vintage.

  2. the boots are awesome and I love hte print!

  3. love your dress, its quite beautiful!

  4. Love the boots! You look lovely x Sushi